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(ebook-pdf) What NOT-TO-DO in Pediatrics – a short RED list

(ebook-pdf) What NOT-TO-DO in Pediatrics – a short RED list

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This paper proposes an important RED list of what NOT-TO-DO in pediatrics, with the conviction that this red list should be taught from the first year of medicine and repeated in every single year of medical teaching, in all medical universities from all countries worldwide: the work-hypothesis (and the main motivation of this paper) is that insisting on this red list in all medical teaching systems may significantly decrease the rate of medical/pediatric malpractice thus may significantly improve the health status of any child population from any country.
This paper will be periodically updated so that to increase the efficiency of this proposed medical teaching method based on the principle 
that any medical specialty should be taught starting (and repetitively insisting!) on what NOT-TO-DO in that medical specialty practice!
This paper continues the line of other medical articles/preprints of the same author.
This list is mainly addressed to young medical students, but also to young medical doctors, nurses etc. from the beginning of their careers.

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