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(ebook-pdf) Piano Albums - Volumes 1&2 (Double volume): 28 musical pieces for piano solo, dedicated to all-age beginner pianists

(ebook-pdf) Piano Albums - Volumes 1&2 (Double volume): 28 musical pieces for piano solo, dedicated to all-age beginner pianists

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This music album is dedicated to all-age beginner piano players, as I’ll probably be until the last beat of my heart. The return to these musical passion buds is a grateful eternal return to my childhood, abundantly enlightened by those mentioned below, along with many, many others unnamed of limited typographical space.
Many thanks to all from whom I “stole” much of the art of living sounds: my primary school teachers, Varvara Iacobescu and Monica Mihai, who put the first solfeges in my hands and the first melodies in my heart (along with the fabulous sound backgrounds of children’s audio stories, which were once published on Electrecord vinyl discs!), to my gymnasium teacher, Mrs. Zoe Ionescu, who constantly assaulted us with auditions and singing, to my guitar teacher, Mr. Florin Emil Nicolae Badea (needless to mention how much he fought with me and ...”the pumpkin” of my musical sense), to my choir teacher, Mrs. Lidia Andronic (who frequently interrupted the choir that I was accompanying on guitar, with the phrase: “Stop, the maestro messed up!... Maestro, you deserve an F grade!”), my pianist friends, Adrian Stoenescu and Vlad Motriuc (of
whose repertoires frequently ring in my ears when I compose), the jazz man, Mr. Marius Popp (who opened my eyes like onions... in terms of harmony), Graţiela and Toni Nichita (a former couple melted in Orthodox Sacred Music and the children’s world), to the children-souls that I tried to musically... “hypnotize” (Matei, Marc, Ralf, David, Ecaterina, Paula and Tudor), to all the composers and performers whose art “sizzled” in my soul throughout my life, to the first audience, my parents and... my wife, Elena Drăgoi, who devoted herself wholeheartedly (also competing with me!) to decorating these albums with her refined visual art. Thanks in advance to my future readers-singers-listeners and, last but not least, many bows to Providence - so generous
and patient with me in all these 41 years of extrauterine life, but also in the 9 months of... intrauterine life.

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